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Help... Decode This!

In my dream, a whole group of us were on spring break in some tropical place. I don't know who the "us" was, but in the dream, I could tell they were friends of mine. About 20 people or so. The place we were staying was right on the beach (We were so close to the beach that you walked outside and stepped onto the sand!)and there was a cafe type place on the first floor. While walking through the cafe, I ran into my oldest friend from Nashville Erin's sister (she doesn't even really have a sister) who I recognized. She looked like a mix of Erin and her brother Max. Then, to the side of the cafe, there was a little store that was packed with snacks and you could take what you wanted for free. I took some bubble gum, pink, original flavor. I went upstairs to go to my room and Trisha from xenos church group was there. I tried to talk to her but there was too much gum in my mouth. I kept pulling wads of it out and throwing them away but there was always too much. Then I went down the hall to the kitchen and Tammy Wynette (yes, the country singer) was there and said she needed a back massage. (Though I know it in real life, it never dawned on me in the dream that she's been dead for a few years now and, though she never introduced herself, I automatically knew who she was.) She pulled out some chart that had a point system on it and showed me that, if I rubbed her back for 2 hours, I would earn this many points and that many points meant I'd get some old pan of hers or something. I tried to tell her I'd be right back but there was too much gum in my mouth. I went to find my best friend from high school Nicole to get her to help and she lived with her parents upstairs in the same place. On the way up, I passed a bathroom where Faith Hill and Shania were just sitting around, painting their nails or something. I didn't even stop to say hi or think anything of it, I just kept going, looking for Nicole. Nicole's apartment area was all sort of hi-tech (white walls, silver fixtures, etc) and she told me she was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend Nick. I kept pulling gum out of my mouth to tell her she HAD to help, that Tammy's a freaking legend, but she couldn't hear me through the gum. Then I woke up.

Any idea what the hell THAT could mean?
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