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barefoot on burning grounds

this is cross-posted to my journal listedasmygun

Two nights now I have dreamt I was barefoot
and walking at night across land that was on fire
without feeling pain.

The major difference between the two dreams
is that the second dream was just a more intense version.

The first night April 9/10, dried green mulch/wood chips
were scattered everywhere and spontaneously combusting.
I took it upon myself to seek help. I was only mildly
worried about the fire hurting my feet as I stepped
over around and through the pieces. I didn't really
pay that much attention and it didn't hurt. By the end
of the dream, the fires had gone out by themselves.

Last night, April 12/13, the entire crust of the earth
glowed red like lava through cracks in the piles of gray ash
where the earth had already burned. It was certainly beyond
me to even imagine stopping this fire, and in this dream I didn't
although there were bunches of military men, uniforms
grey in the ash rushing around trying to put a stop to the
natural disaster. I walked barefoot toward an area that hadn't
yet begun burning (although the glowing red was spreading). This
time I was more worried about not getting burned, stumbling
along choosing my path carefully and sometimes crying out
in fear of getting burned although I never once did feel pain.
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