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lost animus?

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my friend J. (who just visited recently) and Rick and I were in front of some warehouse
a government vehicle delivered an entire load of cocaine, i remember thinking one of the guys working at the warehouse would be really mad, because he had just been busted by the government for using cocaine (that part resembles a movie i just watched yesterday, nothing else does though)
there was snow on the ground everywhere, snow banks, a man fell into a huge snow drift near the van as it was backing out and i worried the driver wouldn't see him and run him over
J., Rick and I walked on towards some woods, J. and I were wearing gloves, I was already getting cold and talking about it, Rick said, "Wind chill's only 5 degrees above zero, it's not bad at all" and I thought to myself that, "sure we've experienced way worse, but when it's worse, you just don't go outside...spending a lot of time outside in this weather is not start to get really cold"
By then we'd come to a line of trees and then a clearing, I think we were there to look at animals, like it was some snowy wilderness preserve, we saw bunches of little ones--like squirrels
We saw another line of trees and a drop off, went toward it, me wondering how people survived this kind of weather before modern technology, in my mind I pictured an Inuit man, bundled and with a hood with fur lining, the hood coming out several inches past his face to shelter his face from the wind, I still wondered about his bare cheeks and nose, how did they not get frost bit? I still thought that even if he was "safe" from the weather, he couldn't be comfortable, could he?
At the drop off, there was a snowy slope that I started to descend but then noticed large patches of off-white among the snow, mostly off to my left, but a smaller one in front of me, a little to the right and further down. I realized that these were polar bears--to my left all snuggled together--but all of them, even the one in front of me, was asleep. I realized I should head back, it wasn't safe to go down, they could really hurt me if I woke them up.
I got back to the top and Rick decided he wanted to go down. Somehow we realized that they weren't polar bears, but snow apes--"abominable snowmen" (still enormous, still dangerous). Rick felt safe going down, (cause he was bigger??) J. and I stayed up top as Rick went down, but then he slipped and slid right down into and past the ape, waking him up As he slid, I was suddenly able to see that there was a deep crevice, we hadn't noticed before due to everything being white. He slid over the crack, onto a sort of "island" in the middle of the crevice, but then slipped off that and fell down, out of sight. I was glad he was safe from the ape, who was up and flailing his arms--I could see its face. But I felt sure Rick fell down too far to come back up, that we would need to call for help. I only hoped he didn't get hurt too.
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