Lisa (listedasmygun) wrote in thedreamlog,

watchful rosaries

somewhere outside and at night:
i came across my sunglasses next to a pair of my shoes (high heels)
they were all smashed
i was gathering the pieces when a woman and a man came from the right
the woman held a clipboard and seemed to be "in charge", the man her assistant
she said, "well we couldn't fix your watch (no longer sunglasses, i guess),
but we have something you can use as a replacement"
in her hand she held rosaries and started to explain how they could be used
to tell time
i interrupted, "oh i don't need a rosary"
but i looked closer and some were so pretty, especially the pink one, so
i said i would like one after all

suggestions on how/why my brain went from sunglasses to a watch to rosaries?
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