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Dream Dream Dream

Okay so I have a question to ask all of you...

Do you believe that our dreams mean anything?

Because last night, I had a dream that I shared my first kiss, with one of my best friends...but in the dream she initiated it, not me, if that makes any difference.

Does that mean anything?

Here is a short summary of my dream:

i dreamt that i was in the parking lot of my work and i kissed one of my best friends, who last week i had actually just thought about asking to homecoming.... we were sitting there talking and we saw my brother and his gf kiss (why they were there i dunno) and then i said something like they kissed because they've always wanted to kiss by a sunset (the sun was setting on the atlantic, don't ask me why... haha) and she said (flirtatiously) that its something she always wanted to do too and that was it, we both leaned in for the kiss.

I'm Not saying i didn't like dreaming this, but it was still weird.

Also I've never really thought about her romantically- I was going to ask her to my schools homecoming dance, but only as friends, which is why this dream came as a shock to me when i woke up...

PLEASE!!!! If you could post a comment letting me know what you think, that would be great because I am somewhat dumbfounded. I've never kissed anyone/dreamed about kissing anyone. That is why this is weird...

Click behind the cut, there is more info about my dream.
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