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I had a dream, rather nightmare, about demons. I was with my husband at someones house and I started seeing demons in there mirrors and they were like how do we get rid of them so I got some holy water and my husband and I in essence baptised the place and it worked. but then we went home and they were everywhere in our mirrors and we were trying to do the same thing and me and my husband were praying in each others arms and he started freaking out so I began holding him more and was practically praying by myself becasue he stopped and our house turned into a weird valley and demons and ghosts were everywhere and then a ghost came screaming straight at me and that's when I woke up. It was so very vivid. there was fire in the distance and it was the only light around and there were moans and screams everywhere, I remember it being extremely windy and chaotic. I remember feeling extremely scared and helpless and like no matter how hard I prayed I was lost. So um help?
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