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I'm new. You know the stuff, all confused, prolly making posts in all the wrong places and so forth. Please let me know if I do this, or I'll never learn. ;)

Okay, here goes... I dream a lot, and I usually remember at least parts when I wake up. I almost always have the power in my dreams, I know I am sleeping and I can change dreams into whatever I want them to be. Though some few times, I can't, and those dreams are very clear in my memory, and I don't know what to do with them. I don't know how to interpret dreams at all, I have not yet found time to dive into it. :(
I do have one specific dream I had not long ago I wish to share with you, I am not asking for an interpretation, just an input, because I am not sure what to make of it.
Oh, yeah, I'm X-posting too.

>tries LJ cut-tag<

I am in the middle of a forest, it's winter, the snow around me is untouched, as if I had arrived here by wings. It's dark, I look up and see the stars and the full moon looking down on me. I'm wearing leathers, boots with steel toes, pants and a biker jacket, all black. In my boots, I have a sharp knife tucked in. I smile to myself, I know this is a special night. All of a sudden, a cold wind blows around me, chilling me. I look around in the darkness, and I see eyes all around me. I feel their animosity, my observers. One pair of eyes break the circle around me, approaches me, while the circle is melting back into unbrokenness. As he approaches me, the glowing orange eyes are revealed to belong to a wolf, a huge, black, beautiful animal. He looks at me, sizing me up. He knows why I'm here, even though I do not. I don't feel any anger from him, no resentment, though the others around us radiates these emotions. For some reason, I know they do not agree with their Alpha, but they respect his judgement. This large wolf is now close, another two paces and I can reach out my hand and touch him. He looks at me, with pride in his eyes. And I know what is expected of me, I know why I am here. I have to prove myself, I have to go through his test of strenght, of cunning, of battle. I have to earn the respect of his pack. His head bobs slightly, I nod to him, signalling I am prepaired. His entire demeanor changes, he is the hunter, the warrior, and I am his prey. I crouch a bit, prepairing for his attack. And then, before I know what has hit me, I have flown into the tree behind me, sore from his powerful pounce. Before I have time to regain myself, he flies towards me again. I realize the only way I will ever stand even a chance against him, I have to get down on the ground, lower my center of gravity, wrestle him. He has all the advantages but one. He's bigger, stronger, more ecperienced, he has claws, fangs, and he's fast. The battle rages, I don't know for how long. I am not sure how it happened, but finally, I do get a chance, and I have to take it. My energy is all but spent, but I manage to grapple him, I have to pin him down for long enough to mark his throat. Well, I do pin him down, my head dives towards his neck and my mouth fills with fur. I know I cannot damage him, my teeth are so ridiculous human... But it's my only hope. I shift my weight and he yelps in pain. I immediately let go, pull back. Again, the snow around us is untouched, but under the wolf, a pool of blood is forming. I turn him, I see a sharp branch in his side and I pull it out. I stand up, drawing the knife from my boot and slash the palm of my hand. Deeply. My blood flows, and I turn my eyes to the full moon, as I walk around the wolf, drawing a circle of blood around him. I am praying or chanting to the moon, not taking my eyes away from it for a moment as I kneel down next to the wolf, putting my hand over his open wound.
"Heal my brother, my blood is his life, my life is his blood. Heal my brother, by my life, by my blood. "
The circle of blood around us burst into flame as my voice cuts through the silencer, as I chant, as I pray, the moon never travels across the sky, though three times it phases form full to cresent to full again. As the moon swells to it's fullest for the third time, I feel the wolf stir, and I know he is well. I look at him, seeing him again for the first time. His black fur is now snow white, his orange eyes are a pierching icy blue. Only one patch of his pelt remained black, where my hand had been. The wolf gets back on his feet, and I know that I past the test, even though I did not pass it the way I was intended to pass it. The snow is now gone, the forest is filled with the smell of spring, and the night is receeding, that blue twilight hour of dawn is dying the world. The ground is that bright green of spring, everywhere but that circle that we step out of, side by side.
The wolfs pack joins us in a run through the woods, they are not angry with me any longer, they welcome me as one of them.
When the first rays of sun break through the green canopy above us, our roads part. The white wolf speak a last word of parting.
"My brother, you are now one of us, we share a bond deeper than family. "
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