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Four Ways to Be Sympathetic

don't remember the plot very much
i know my family (not including my dad) had recently moved
at our new house a man at come and dropped off all kinds
of info for us kids to go through
most of it was useful, helpful
i think there were even perhaps some presents
he had dark curly hair that went down to his chin and
therefore poofed out a little
he was kind and friendly
maybe a month later, just as we were finishing unpacking
and getting settled
he came back with same demeanor and reminded us kids that
tomorrow we would be taking a test on the materials he had given us
specifically on the Four Ways to Be Sympathetic
then he left
and we started searching through all our stuff
i thought i knew where i had put that sheet--my materials were
fairly organized, but we couldn't find it
and how should we be able to? we had only just unpacked!
i couldn't even bullshit this response, i had no idea
what the Four Ways to Be Sympathetic were
Amily (my sister) eventually found a list that we studied
during this time, 2-3 babies were crawling all over the kitchen counters
however, when i woke up, i realized the list Amily and I studied
was actually on relieving stress

the entire dream took place in the house with very dim lighting
grey/green everywhere

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