Lisa (listedasmygun) wrote in thedreamlog,

a reunion?

high school reunion at night and outside, the gardened outdoor patio of a restaurant lots of white-painted wood and trellis structure, lots of hanging greenery but none underfoot my husband is around somewhere, but i am not focused on his presence more concerned with my high school best friend and crush kati who has short hair now and is melancholy but hangs around me out of a kind sense of obligation not so much to me although, yes, she is responding to my overflowing desire to be in her presence, but also and more so out of obligation to her high school crush on me, the pedestal on which i have stood since high school
but kati does wander off still from time to time and in those moments i become enamored with a woman straight brown hair cut to ear length parted in the middle and unstyled, in the dream i connect with her as i had with kati when we were in high school, exuberant in one another's presence, in love and wanting affection to be affectionate, but not needing it and knowing my husband would not appreciate full-fledged making out but i rationalize enough that we do kiss on the lips once and then again a few times prolonged but never open-mouthed and i want more but do not need it and then it is getting time to leave
my husband is alone on a bench i am facing his back and walking away from him knowing that we have to go soon but wanting to stretch this out as long as i can, linger, and then i see jason, a high-school boyfriend and walk up to him, again exuberant, he is his usual unimpressed, unmoved self and wearing a button-down shirt obviously more expensive than his tye-dye T-shirts of high school, but still a remnant, it is iridescent and smeared rectangles of rainbow color bleeding into one another and the shirt is untucked, he still looks disheveled in dress, even one button of the shirt (the second or third from the bottom) is undone
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